Breathe Calm Air

Breathe Calm Air Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Breathe Calm Air Online Video Contest and helped to make it a success.

Each video submission was received with excitement and helped to showcase the unique and inspiring ways that youth living in the North Breathe Calm Air.

Each winner will receive 1 System Wide Round Trip pass to fly anywhere Calm Air flies.

Our Breathe Calm Air Champion will receive 4 System Wide passes.


Congratulations to all of our winners and special thanks to everyone who voted!

Any unaccounted for prizes will be donated to communities that Calm Air services through our donations program.

Breathe Calm Air Champion , Paulie Jr. I.

Winner of 4 Round Trip System Wide Passes

Paulies’ video had beautiful visuals, on screen captions, and a very beautiful message that embodies what it means to Breathe Calm Air. Congratulations Paulie!


Best Message, John T.

This video showcased the culture in John’s hometown and featured lots of outdoor activities, nature, and hunting. Being outdoors and enjoying your favorite activities is a great way to Breathe Calm Air.


Best Visuals, Arcene K.

This video featured everything from a beautiful snowy landscape to breathtaking sunsets. This video truly showed the beauty of the North.


Best Energy, Lori & Tiana

This video had some very inspiring words and the onscreen speaker did a great job sharing her message on how she Breathes Calm Air.


Most Creative, Joseph-Jachim A.

This little dancer showcased his great dance moves ?and you can’t watch it without a smile coming to your face. Dancing is a great way to Breathe Calm Air!


Most Inspiring, Matthew I

Much of this video featured some great images around Matthews’s local school and his message about school positivity can inspire everyone!


Best Production, Mavis N

Mavis had lots of stunning shots in her video and she clearly put a lot of time and effort into the production value, from the captioning throughout the video to the professional looking credits at the end, this is a very well put together video.


We will be in touch with the winners shortly to organize your prizes.


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Want Some Inspiration?

Download the Embrace Life Council colouring book below

When you need someone to talk to, there is help on the Line:

Kamatsiaqtut Help Line 24/7
867-979-3333 (Iqaluit)

There is Hope and there is Help

Share Your Video. Your Voice. Your View.

This contest is open to all Kivalliq youth, 18-years-old or younger. Your video will not be accepted without the guardian approval form filled out.

The video contest is called Breathe Calm Air and it’s whatever your interpretation of that is – completely up to you! It can be about how you Breathe Calm Air, what sports or activities help you Breathe Calm Air, talking with your elders, or hanging out with your friends. Your video. Your view. Your voice. You can do a solo video, or one with your friends and family. You’re the director. Your choice! #IBreatheCalmAir

When coming up with your own video idea, ask yourself this question: How can I help others and how can I share my story to help others? What helps or inspires me to Breathe Calm Air?

We have extended our entry date! Submit your video to Calm Air by Monday, July 25, 2018, 11:59 pm CST.

Fill out the required fields at the bottom of this web page and upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.


Print this contest entry form and send the signed form WITH the video on a CD, DVD, or USB stick and mail it to Stephanie Thiessen, Marketing Manager, at:

Breathe Calm Air
Calm Air
930 Ferry Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3H 0Y8 Canada

Calm Air will announce the winners on our website, Facebook page, and E-newsletter on Friday, August 3rd, 2018.

Breathe Calm Air Champion

This top prize goes to the top video submission that showcases a champion(s) of the message to support mental health and make a positive difference in their community. You’re a true champion of the message behind Breathe Calm Air. 4 system-wide round trip passes.

Not Sure? General Entry

Best Group Video

1 system-wide round trip pass to each group member, maximum 4 passes.

Most Inspiring

1 system-wide round trip pass

Most Creative

1 system-wide round trip pass

Best Visuals

1 system-wide round trip pass

Best Message

1 system-wide round trip pass

Best Community Involvement

2 system-wide round trip passes

Best Energy

1 system-wide round trip pass

Best Production

1 system-wide round trip pass

Best Solo Video

1 system-wide round trip pass

Most Compassionate

1 system-wide round trip pass

Most Online Votes

2 system-wide round trip passes

  1. Must live in a community in the Kivalliq region, Nunavut, Canada.
  2. To be eligible, your video must be no shorter than 45 seconds and no longer than 90 seconds.
  3. Videos can only use music they have permission to use. To be safe, use stock music or original music, to avoid disqualification.
  4. Contestants must be 18-years-old or younger.
  5. Each contestant must complete the official contest entry form (here).
  6. All valid entry forms must include a Guardian’s name, required information, and signature.
  7. Your video must be entirely your own original creation (or in the case of a team effort, your team’s creation). You must get permission to use anyone’s image and sound/voice that is not your own. It must not break any laws or any third party rights, including, but not limited to, copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights. It must not lead to any cause of action including libel, defamation, privacy violation, contract breach, or tort. Contestants must obtain all necessary permissions, licenses, clearances, releases, waivers of moral rights, and other approvals from third parties (including but not limited to all copyright holders and all individuals appearing in the video submission), necessary to use the video submission. This includes use in whole or in part, and in any way, including without limitation, to reproduce, make derivatives, edit, modify, translate, distribute, transmit, publish, license and broadcast the video submission worldwide, by any means. You must attach any and all such permissions, licenses, clearances, releases, waivers of moral rights and approvals to your video entry. Submissions must be respectful and courteous. You are fully responsible for everything you submit, and all videos will be in the public domain. To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include personal information such as phone numbers, home addresses, social insurance numbers, banking information, resumes, or email addresses.Calm Air will not tolerate videos that are offensive to an individual or organization, rude in tone, or abusive. We do not discriminate against any views, but reserve the right to refuse, edit, or remove video submissions.
  1. When entering this contest, each contestant (and where necessary, a parent or guardian) must consent to the use, reproduction, publication, transmission and broadcasting of their name, community, likeness, school, age, grade and prize information, without compensation, in any advertisement, publication or promotion, for general news or other information purposes. Winners must also consent to their photographs being taken by contest organizers for the same purposes, without further compensation. Each contestant (and where required, their parent or guardian) irrevocably and in perpetuity grants Calm Air, without compensation, the right to use the video submission, in whole or in part, in any way, including without limitation, to reproduce, make derivatives, edit, modify, translate, distribute, transmit, publish, license and broadcast the video submission worldwide, by any means.
  2. Submitting your video gives Calm Air the rights to distribute your video, via print and online platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Looking for tools to make your video? We have found a few that can help you piece together your film and make it your own! You don’t need any fancy equipment to shoot your video, feel free to use your phone or anything that records video! Remember, we want to hear your voice, make it heard with or without these tools!

Android Phones:



Adobe Premiere Clip

*Calm Air is not responsible for any advertising or production on any of the external applications.